ASW-27 / ASG-29 AND ASG 32 Gliders The ASW-27, ASG-29 and ASG-32 kits includes carbon reinforcements and are produced using
BLACKSTAR 5-25O V3 Radial Engine The Tomahawk Design 5-cylinder radial gas engine was developed in Germany by experienced specialists. Proven
BONANZA V35 Scale Power Model The history of the plane and its great look in the air inspired us at
EPIC VICTORY Scale Sport Jet The unique combination of scale-Jet (1:5) and sport-Jet fligh characteristics. The Epic Victory is the
F-1OOF Super Sabre Scale Jet The North American F-100F Super Sabre is the doubleseater version of one of the most
F-86 Sabre Scale Jet The legendary Tomahawk F-86 is now available premanufactured and painted. Beside of the „Skyblazer“ “ Huff“
Futura Sport Jet The FUTURA series is the most well known model in our portfolio. Pilots around the whole world
BAE HAWK Mk.66 and 100 The full GRP kits of the BAe Hawk Mk.66 and the BAE Hawk 100 is
HIRSCHER H-4OO R2 Unique Motorplane with 2.75m span The Hirscher H-400 R2 is created by Gottfried Hirscher , he has
INTEGRAL Sport Jet After more than 18 mont research and development, Tomahawk Aviation created a new Sportjet, based on the
L-39 ALBATROS Scale Jet The Albatros L39 from Tomhawk Aviation displays the perfect compromise between a funjet and a professional
PILATUS PC-21 Scale Turboprop The PC21 is produced in a vacuum sandwich technology in FRP and CRP. It is built
PZL WILGA Power Model 3.2 or 3.7m span The PZL Wilga 35 is a full fiberglass kit, produced in fiberglass
SWIFT S-1 CARBON EDF Glider Tomahawk picked up the topic and created a fine replica of the original in a
T-28 TROJAN Scale Warbird Beautiful scale full-composite warbird, made in Germany. Get yours! Icons Span 2.75m Icons Length t.b.a. Icons
Viper Jet Sport Jet The VIPER JET by Tomahawk Design is produced in the well known vacuumsandwich technology and perfect
Viper Jet 3.5 Sport Jet The VIPER XL JET by Tomahawk Design is produced in the well known vacuumsandwich technology



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