Futura V3 1

Futura V3

Sport Jet

The legend has been reinvented!

The Futura V3 is a complete redesign. It is the first jet from our workshop that masters both classic aerobatics and 3D aerobatics equally, while remaining stable and easily controllable. Thanks to its fiberglass sandwich construction, the model is very lightweight yet extremely stable. Compared to its predecessor models, the Futura V3 features a true technological leap, with the following characteristics:









19kg (ready to fly)



Fibreglass / carbon




Futura V3 2


  • Painted in in the mold.
  • Dividable fuselage for ease of transport (front part 1.70 m long, rear part 1.35 m).
  • Newly calculated, aerodynamically optimized airfoil.
  • Landing gear and turbine mount made of high-quality, multi-layered wood.
  • Formers made from Airex, reinforced with carbon fiber.
  • All control horns installed.
  • Wings and tail assembly screws pre-installed.
  • All wing and stab connectors made from carbon fiber tubes.
  • Thrust tube available either for 3D flight with vector or without vector for classic aerobatics.

Through consistent lightweight construction and further optimizations, despite the increased wingspan and fuselage length compared to our previous V2 version, a takeoff weight of less than 25 kg can be easily achieved.

  • Empty weight: 11 kg
  • Takeoff weight dry with standard pipe (non-3D): 19 kg
  • Takeoff weight dry 3D version with Jetcat P300: 20.5 kg

Required for operation:

  • Turbine
  • Landing gear
  • Thrust tube
  • Tank/Hopper tank
  • Wing bags (necessary when shipping the model)
  • Servos, battery switch, etc.

Different Color Schemes

Beside the fully white painted Version of the FUTURA we offer some ready painted color schemes. Please contact us for further color schemes.


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